Albertine Hall "Mama" Yeager

In February 2022, The Texas Historical Commission Awarded an "Undertold Story Subject Marker for the site of her orphanage and daycare in Galveston.

To celebrate her legacy, a series of child centered, educational projects are being planned for the Island that include installation of playground and STEM educational equipment. 

We are looking for anyone with any connection to Mrs. Yeager to add to her story. The approved application included the history of one of the neighbors who credited his success to her determination to teach him typing. 

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Albertine Hall Yeager started one of 6 orphanages for Black children here in Galveston in 1917.  By the time she passed away in 1969, she had taken care of over 1,000 children and operated an orphanage and Day Care Center that took care of children from all races, ethnicities and faiths. As a result, she gained the support of Galvestonian's of all races, ethnicities and faiths. And was honored even by the Texas Legislature, Governor and Lt. Governor.

This was a Black woman, who somehow reached into the soul of Galveston and brought out the very best in everyone. It was a time people worked together to help children regardless of barriers. 

We are looking for anyone:

  • Related to Albertine Hall Yeager
  • Was a typing or other type of student
  • Attended her Day Care Center
  • Was in her orphanage at 1111 32nd Street, Galveston, Texas or is related to someone who was.
  • Helped her out in some way
  • ​Other