Island ETC: Season 15


By Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron

January 19-January 27, 2018

Sunday Matinee on January 21, 2018


Book by James Rado & Gerome Ragni

Music by Galt MacDermont Lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni

March 9 – April 7, 2018

Matinees on March 18 and March 25, 2018

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

By Neil Simon

May 11-May 26, 2018

Matinees on May 13 and May 20




Give the Gift of the Arts This Season

Marsha Wilson Rappaport

Why not stuff their stockings with the remaining seasons of some of the best art organizations in Texas? The Galveston Symphony Orchestra is one of the Gulf Coast Areas best kept secrets. Conductor Trond Seaverud, puts together programs that “mix it up”. Moreover, he takes a moment between pieces to give us the juicy “backstory”. For example, did you know Sir Arthur Sullivan of Gilbert and Sullivan Fan was a bit miffed that only his popular musicals got attention. Moreover, over he explained that the composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, was a man of color who composed and performed a prestigious body of work. He was actually called the “African Mahler” during his tours of the U.S. in the 1900’s.

This concert had a special surprise, when the Galveston College Chorale, under the leadership of Mike Gilbert jumped up in the Mezzanine Balcony and made at least Gilbert and Sullivan very proud. It was an unexpected and thoroughly exciting moment.

Time for the Hard Sell:

I am including the balance of the Galveston Symphony; the Balance of the Island ETC. Theater and asking you to gift the balance of those seasons to friends and especially students. AND…I am asking you to walk to the Tremont House on the weekend to listen to the mellow jazz sounds of Sparky Koerner and his Jazz Trio.

I know it’s a lot – so I brought another writer to back me up!

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Island ETC.

A Review for the Galveston Symphony

James M. Rankin


It was Beethoven who said, “Music is a better revelation than wisdom and philosophy”. I would add that music enhances the quality of your life. Music has the amazing trait of transporting you deep into the past or far from the stresses of the present moment. That is why it is important to support the arts.

On a dark dreary Sunday, it was bright and cheerful in the 1894 Grand Opera House that played host to Galveston Symphony. This beautiful venue with excellent acoustics that transmitted the gifted musicians’ sounds into marvelous melodies and titillating tones. The early arrivals were treated to the Bay Area Preparatory   Orchestra lead by Angela Badon. The children were very talented as they learned to master their instruments and glowed from the experience.

The maestro, Trond Saeverud originally from Norway, was dynamic as he engaged the audience with his insights into the compositions and movements. He masterly directed the orchestra as a skilled artist to their canvass. The audience were pleasantly surprised to hear the Galveston College corral as they complimented the scores with their powerful vocals. The standout was Andrew Staupe who performed Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 3, Op 30.  The gifted pianist that blasted out the notes with flair and fury. The strings, horns and drums blended together to create a serene and sincere feeling that washes across the mezzanine and flowed into the balcony to a willing hunger audience.  It ended too soon as everyone marveled of the quality of the concert and the magic of the music. Don’t miss the next opportunity to listen to Galveston’s own orchestra.


 2018 Season


Galveston Symphony Orchestra

January 7, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Pops Concert – Happy New Year!!!

February 11, 2018

4:00 p.m.

Valentine’s Concert – The Tempest

Aagaard Nilsen- “Awakening”

Sibelius – “The Tempest”, Suite No. 1, Op. 109

Tchaikovsky-Violin Concerto, Op 35

Angelo Xiang Yu, Violin

March 11, 2018

4 p.m.

Beethoven Fifth Symphony

Weber – “Oberon” Overture

Hummel-Trumpet Concerto

Sam Huss, Trumpet

Beethoven – Symphony, No. 5, Op 67

April 22, 2018

4: p.m.

From Youthful Passion to Artistic Salvation

Massenet – “Phedre” Overture

Saint-Saens- Piano Concerto No. 2, Op 22

Aton Nel, Piano

Shostakovich – Symphony NO. 5, Op. 47 


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