Pistolettes: Another Tasty Creation at The Gumbo Diner

By Marsha Wilson Rappaport

Ever wonder where food writers eat when they don’t have to “try” the food? In Galveston, one of my favorites is The Gumbo Diner at 36th and Seawall.  The fact that it is one of my “dependable food sources” was challenged this month by their outdoor sign that exclaimed the arrival of “Pistolettes”.

I wondered if this new dish with a Cajun name was going to upset my usual choices of fresh shrimp and grits, or fish bathed in Crawfish Etoufee. No matter, I bravely sat down, and ordered my weekly special comfort food of chopped steak and gravy and took a leap of faith with the order of Pistolettes.

The GRG Manager, who has always served as a guide, could see I was about to try something different. He sat down and assured me that co-owner Joey Smecca and the staff had tested this new dish which features a crispy, rich dough filled with Shrimp or Crawfish. I had actually been one of Joey’s “test cases” for his Joey Pizza at Mario’s on the Seawall, so I began to feel assured that my risk would yield yummy rewards.

When the waitress brought the Pistolettes, I realized that I had truly underestimated this dish. The pictures don’t do their size justice – they are generous. The crispy dough really stands up the Cajun fixin’s as well. Both the Shrimp and Crawfish Étouffée were silky smooth and slightly spicy.

I determined to have my usual comfort food fix, so I had to take two of them home. Just as the manager said – they are quite the midnight snack when heated up in an oven. Trust me- they were a heck of a lot better than Peanut Butter and Crackers!

In short, you’ve got to drop into The Gumbo Diner and grab this new taste treat! The price and size will truly surprise you. It was so good – I may have to get out of my usual comfort zone when I return.

The Gumbo Diner

3602 Seawall Blvd.

(409)  762-3232


(Ask about their new membership club when you get there.)